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Fair Isle Sweater

Fair Isle Sweater

  • This handloom-knit sweater is made of the finest blend of suri alpaca and merino wool yarn, creating soft and airy touch on your skin (no itchy feelings!). Fair Isle (/fɛəraɪ̯l/) is a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colors. For Fall 2018 collection, Kordal Studio has recreated this beloved, traditional sweater with a modern take on bold colors with a mix of both fairisle and tuck stitch.
  • 74% Suri Alpaca, 22% Wool, 4% Poly
    Handloom-knit in knitwear factory based in Lima, Peru
    Kordal Studio sourced a blended of alpaca & merino wool yarn. The fabric is light, soft, and airy on the skin.
  • Ships within 24 hours of order placed.
    We recommend a handwash in cold water and laying flat to dry.
Suri Alpaca
Zero Waste
Made in Peru
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Suri Alpaca

There are two types of Alpacas - Huacaya and Suri. Huacaya is the predominant species constituting 90% of the Alpaca population. 

Suri is more rare breed featuring long, glossy and silky coat, compared to Huacaya's fluffy teddy-bear like coat. Because of its silky quality and rare supply, Suri fetches higher price in international markets.  

Suri on the left and Huacaya on the right.

Image courtesy of Mundo Alpaca. 

Zero Waste

Fairisle sweater is created using the handloom. 

This process creates a fully fashioned product, meaning each piece is knit to the exact shape. No cutting, no sewing, no stitching, and more importantly, zero waste.

Made in Peru.

Image courtesy of Eugene Textile Center. 

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France 34 36 38 40
U.K. 6 8 10 12